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An astrology reading from will illuminate the cloudy, hazy areas of your life. An astrology reading from a master astrologer will shed light on hidden aspects of your personality and the current astrological trends effecting your daily life. Some will want an astrology reading focused on love and relationships, for others business and career. Still others will use the vision and inspiration gained from the astrologer to further grow on their spiritual path. The planetary aspects as they relate to your personal birth chart can reveal an immense amount of powerful information when illuminated by a skilled astrologer.

We highly recommend that you get an in depth astrology reading and start your journey towards awareness of influences that were previously hidden.

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An Astrology Reading In Challenging Times!

We live in unstable times.

We live in a time of unprecedented uncertainty, instability, chaos and confusion. The news is full of stories about natural disasters, budget crises, retirement fears, food shortages and inflation. Add to that your own personal fears, doubts and uncertainties and it is no wonder that you sometimes feel antsy, stuck, or overwhelmed and unable to move forward in your life.

Sometimes you need outside guidance. It can help to talk to your best friend, spouse or children. But we all know that sometimes that just doesn't work. The special people in your life might be part of the problem. Or, even if they love you and want to help, sometimes they just don't know what to say. Or they have their own problems. Or, they are just too busy to listen like you wish they would.

A skilled astrologer can help you navigate hard times.

An impartial, compassionate, and skilled astrologer can give you amazing insights into what is going on in your life. You will gain invaluable guidance on how to navigate the coming weeks, months and years. You will also gain knowledge of the best times to act, the best times to make plans, or to just lie low and recoup your energy.

From my own life, and from my client's feedback, I know that just the knowledge of when challenging planetary energy will change brings an immense sense of relief. It is so much easier to get through the hard times, if you know that an end is in sight.

Indeed, when a skilled astrologer gives you an astrology reading, it is like having a trusted friend take your hand and lead you through the murky waters of confusion and doubt.

Take action now to resolve the confusion in your life.

You can put an end to your confusion now by scheduling a reading.


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As we are building and expanding the website we'll make a brief mention of the main different types of astrologers and astrology.

A few of the different astrologer types and/or types of readings that astrologers give are:

Mayan astrologer

A Mayan astrologer will give you an astrology reading based on the ancient, sacred Tzolkin calendar and the 19 Mayan astrology signs that are represented by the movement of the days thorughout the year. A Mayan astrologer has studied the ancient symbolism that was left on stone tablets and will use that knowledge in giving an astrological reading. The symbolism that the astrologer uses is based on natural phenomena such as the weather, animals, astronomy and the four directions.

Vedic astrologer

A Vedic astrologer may also be known as an Indian astrologer, Hindu astrologer or Jyotish astrologer. Jyotish is the Sanskrit term meaning, “the science of light.” Some historians believe that Vedic astrology was the first system of astrology. A Vedic astrologer uses the sidereal system of astrology rather than the Western tropical system. A Vedic astrologer may have training in Hindu spiritual thought as well as in astrology.

Retirement astrologer or midlife astrologer

An astrologer who specializes in the cycles of the planets is often referred to as a midlife astrologer or retirement astrologer. Such an astrologer will often focus on the cycles of the outer planets-Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the metonic cycles.

Online astrologer

An online astrologer usually has a website or works from an online astrologer website. An online astrologer will often give readings over the internet and or the phone.

Telephone astrologer

A telephone astrologer will be happy to give astrological readings over the telephone. Many of the astrologer types may also be telephone astrologer and/or internet astrologer.

Chinese astrologer

A Chinese astrologer will read your chart using Chinese astrology methods, which are based upon the months of the year, combined with a twelve year lunar cycle. Your Chinese astrologer will determine your sign by looking a a Chinese calendar to determine the year in which you were born. Your Chinese astrologer then determines which one of twelve animals that you are and will tell you about your attributes based upon that each particular animal. Of course, an in-depth reading from a Chinese astrologer entails much more than that. It is especially interesting to have a Chinese astrologer give you a relationship reading.

Relationship astrologer

A relationship astrologer will look at your chart to determine possible configurations in your chart that could be keeping you from having the relationship you dream of. The relationship astrologer will then give you practical advice on how to accentuate the positive in your chart to find and keep that special someone. A relationship astrologer can also compare your chart with that of another and advise you on areas of compatibility and incompatibility. The astrologer can also run a composite chart of the individuals for more information. For any problems, challenges or checking important dates, a relationship astrologer can be a valuable resource.

Natal astrologer or birth chart astrologer

Natal astrology readings: The astrologer will prepare a chart using your birth date, birth time, and city and state of birth. The astrologer will then look at the sign placement of the planets and the astrological chart house in which the planets are located. Using this information will show the strengths and weaknesses that you were born with. The astrologer will also tell you how to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Transit and progression astrologer

Transit and progression astrology readings: In a transits and progressions reading the astrologer will compare the birth chart with the planets as they appear in the sky at the present time (transits) and with the progressed planets. This reading gives a good snapshot of the external (transits) and internal) influences on the client. This is a good reading to have from time to time as you are going through changes in your life.

Solar return astrologer

Your solar return astrologer will prepare an astrology chart for you based on the time when the sun returns to the exact spot where it was located at the time of your birth based on your birth location or the location where you intend to be or were on your nearest birthday. When your astrologer read this chart she/he will be able to give you information on the influences that will affect you in the current year. This astrology chart will also tell where you will be putting most of your energy, and will give an indication of timing of events.

Horary astrologer

Horary astrology readings: A chart is prepared for the exact time that you ask your astrologer a question. A horary astrologer will use that chart to answer your question. Horary charts are often used to answer questions such as: “where are my lost keys?”, “will I win my lawsuit?”, “will I be fired?”, etc. While other types of astrology charts can also answer these questions to a degree, an horary chart is often more accurate for specific questions, because it only focuses on the question at hand.

Electional astrologer

Electional astrology reading: An electional astrology reading is prepared to determine the best time to have surgery, hold an event, send in your tax return, start a business, get married, start a job, etc. In general, it can zero in on the best time to hold any event. It is important that you give your astrologer enough leeway in timing so that the astrologer can find the best possible date.

Child and newborn astrologer

Child Astrology readings for children and newborns: Many, many people have their astrologer prepare a chart for their newborn baby, or for any of their children. The advantage of this type of astrological reading is that the parents receive guidance on the best way to raise their child for optimum results. For instance the type of discipline that would work for an Aries child is much different than that which would work for a Pisces child. Astrologers also often read teenager's birth charts (or other astrology charts). Teenagers may want to have their chart read without their parent's being present.

Evolutionary astrologer

Evolutionary astrology readings: An evolutionary astrology reading will tell you the past (or past life) influences on your current life and how the different components of your birth chart determine how you act unconsciously and how to become more conscious and in-control of your actions. An evolutionary astrologer often has studied specifically in this area.

Medical astrologer

Medical astrology readings: A medical astrologer is also a specially trained astrologer who reads the chart to determine physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses of the client.

Financial astrologer

Financial astrology readings: Financial astrologers read the astrological trends and cycles as they relate to your birth chart and the chart of the company(s) you wish to invest in. Financial astrology also relates to business matters in general.

Mundane astrologer

Mundane astrology readings: Astrologers who practice mundane astrology are tuned into world affairs and world events, political events and the astrology of countries.

These are some of the main types of readings that an astrologer can do. We will be talking more about these from time to time.