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Solar Eclipse June 2011




Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 1, 2011

The summer 2011 eclipse season starts with a partial solar eclipse on June 1, 2011 at 11 degrees Gemini. 

If you are wondering what this June 1 solar eclipse might mean to you, here are a few thoughts to get you started understanding the eclipse.  This is a mild eclipse focusing on communication and movement.  In order to get a better feel for the types of things that will be emphasized, we need to think of the keywords for Gemini and its ruler, Mercury. 

Thus we come up with the idea that the eclipse may have an effect on any type of communication, any type of media, transportation, sending and receiving mail or email, highways, teachers, learning, classes, magazines and books, etc.  Literally, any type of activity that involves movement and communication can be ruled by Mercury and the sign of Gemini and will thus come under the influence of this eclipse.

Because a solar eclipse always occurs at a new moon, the emphasis will be on new ideas and on starting new things.  As always, the moon indicates change and fluctuations. 

Putting it altogether this eclipse brings you an opportune time to start a new project, job, or business.  It is a good time to send out resumes or letters regarding a potential new job, class, business idea, etc., or to make telephone calls regarding any of the above matters. 

One word of caution is in order.  Once you have sent your communication, it is important to not second guess yourself.  By sending out the letter or resume you have, in effect, sowed a seed.  If you dig up a seed to see if it is growing, you run the risk of stopping the growth of the newborn plant.  Similarly, with a new project of any kind it is important to send the communication and to then expect good results without second guessing yourself.

I should also mention that this eclipse makes a trine to retrograde Saturn at 10 degrees Libra.  This is an indication that you can reap good results if you put in the necessary effort because Saturn is exalted in Libra and because trines often bring helpful energy.  This solar eclipse starts a time when it could be advantageous to resurrect an old idea or project that didn't originally work.  You can now dust it off, spruce it up, change it a little and potentially see the rewards that eluded you before.  Just remember, that while trines bring helpful energy they only work if you do, so don't expect a free ride.  However, you can expect to be rewarded if you put in the effort.

How will the June 1st 2011 Solar Eclipse in Gemini effect me?

You may look at your personal chart to determine whether this eclipse will have a significant effect on your life. 

  1. First look at your chart to see if you have any planets between approximately 9 degrees and 13 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.
  2. Next look to see if you have those degrees at the ascendant, nadir, descendant or midheaven of your chart. 
  3. Finally, look to see if you have any planets at those degrees anywhere in your chart.


Solar Eclipse Astrology Reading

Any such contact of the eclipse with your natal chart will show you that this eclipse can have a significant effect on your life.  If you wish to have a personalized astrology reading based upon your time and date of birth and delve into the deeper meanings of this eclipse to your life or to receive personalized guidance you should schedule a professional reading.

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